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Below is an AMAZING testimony from our Kenya team member - Linda Beilstein. There is nothing in the whole world like seeing lives changed like in the testimony below. This is truly what it's all about. To God be all the glory!


Kenya Missions Outreach 2015



It was a long van ride to the Deliverance Church in Makuru, Kenya. It was to be our first clinic day. We had visited the village the day before to have a personal tour of the village area with Pastor Ben Fleet and to meet with Pastor Mary. Pastor Mary is a dynamic woman who oversees the birthing center, clinic, orphanage and school next to the Deliverance Church in Makuru. Her husband is the pastor of the Deliverance Church located in Makuru. Our hearts immediately were won over as we saw the children in the orphanage, the women in the birthing center and the staff who worked in the clinical areas as well as the church. It was very evident the mother’s heart that Pastor Mary had for all in the village area.



All the members of the Victory mission team to Kenya were drafted on to the medical team. What a team God had put together!  Sherri Rossi, Jamie Christy and Giana Centofanti worked in the pharmacy. Tim and Pam Beebe, Stephen Szekely and myself were matched up with a nurse or doctor in training to work alongside in the make shift medical clinic set up in the Deliverance Church building.  Sheri and Kelly Summers were drawn to the birthing center to assist them in whatever way they could. How they loved on those new mothers and their babies!  Abel Gitimu was originally from this area in Kenya, so would preach the Gospel to the patients in the waiting area in their own language as they waited to be seen in the medical clinic. Many gave their hearts to the Lord. They were not only there to be healed physically, but spiritually as well!



Mark Summers and Kenny Sigurani were the feet on the ground. They helped in whatever way possible. They were available from the time of the patient’s registration to directing them to the pharmacy area to obtaining their medication ordered during their clinic visit. Often they would slip away to visit the school next to our clinic site to interact and love on the students. It was fun to overhear Mark’s voice from our clinic site speaking to the students. They enjoyed asking him questions about America and listened intently as he answered their questions.



 During the 3 days that the medical clinic was held, we saw 853 patients. The first day was the most memorial for me.  The RN that worked with me to interpret and I had the only exam table of the five exam areas set up in the church building. Each of the exam areas were divided by bed sheets. Since we had the only exam table, a woman was brought in to our area and laid on the table by Kenny Sigurani and her neighbor. She was so weak that she could not walk on her own. Her neighbor had brought her to the clinic. She had heard about the clinic being held and was concerned for this woman who was not able to keep down any food and was becoming weaker every day. It was very evident as soon as they laid her on the exam table that something was severely wrong.



After doing an exam and seeing her condition, we sent her to be tested for HIV/AIDS. She came back with a positive HIV test. We then began to talk with her and found out that her husband had died in 2013 with HIV/AIDS. My heart just broke for her. She had a child in the area that she was concerned about. My concern was not only for her medical status, but her eternal soul.



 It was evident that without a miracle, she didn’t have long to live. I asked the RN working with me to let her know that we cared about her and she didn’t seem to have long to live because of her HIV/AIDS. We let her know that we wanted to see her again in Heaven. That it was possible to know for sure what would happen after she died. We asked her if she knew there was a God and she said yes. We told her of His Son Jesus Christ and how He had died for her sins. That God so loved her that He had sent His Son to die for her. Tears just rolled down her cheeks. I hugged her and asked if she would like to say a prayer to ask for forgiveness for her sins and ask Jesus to be her Lord. She agreed and Kenny joined us as we prayed for her to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior as well as for Jesus to heal her.



linda and kenny praying with woman to salvation


(Linda and Kenny praying the salvations prayer with our new sister in The Lord) 



You could see the relief on her face. We let her know that no matter what she had yet to endure, that Jesus would be right there beside her the entire way. That she could talk to Him at any time and His love for her was immeasurable.  We made sure that she was connected with those that would enable her to obtain the medication needed to treat her condition.



We couldn’t believe what had just happened. If the Victory team had been sent for this one woman, it was worth it all. We knew that there were so many other lives that would be touched by the love of Jesus while we were in Kenya, but this woman was special. She had lost so much with the death of her husband, but now had gained eternal life with Jesus.  We were humbled to be a part of this miracle.



The Victory Team that went to Kenya is so appreciative of Compassion Ministries and the work of Pastor Ben Fleet and Mark and Sheri Summers. Their dedication to see ALL the world reached for Jesus Christ is why we were able to minister to this woman who was dying of HIV/AIDS  in Kenya. We will see her again in Heaven! Thank you Bishop Thomas and Pastor Kathie for having the vision to reach the lost for Christ. Not just in our tri-county area, but in ALL the world!



Believing for the Nations,


Linda Beilstein


linda b with kids square size


(Linda with new little friends) 


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Our El Salvador Team arrived home safely yesterday! We are so excited for all God has done and all the lives that have been changed. Below is our final two reports from the field. Enjoy!




Greetings from El Salvador! 


Today's update comes from Evangelism Team Member Sonya Garcia. 





This morning as I prepared for the day, I got a strong sense that something special was going to happen today. As I filled up my water bottle, I told two of the ladies on the evangelism team that today was going to be a special day. We loaded the bus and headed to town with the medical team and a few construction crew tag-a-longs. Shaira, our AIM leader, lead us in prayer. I was wowed as she said, "Lord, we thank you that today is going to be a special day!" I told her how the Lord laid that on my heart as well. And special it was!!! After a two hour drive, we unloaded the bus at a church and the medical team set up for the clinic (there were already people waiting for us). The evangelism team headed to a school to minister to kindergarteners. Mandy was the clown. Can you picture her doing the worm?! SHE ROCKED IT! (Haha) What fun! After lunch, the evangelism team went to a junior high. When we arrived, I felt the presence of God there very strongly. We had our program and had lots of laughs. Then it was time to minister. It took them a minute, but one girl finally stood up to receive Christ despite what her friends might think. She stood there alone for a moment but was joined with two other girls shortly after. The next thing you know, all but three students came rushing up to the front for prayer and salvation! Out of 59 students, 56 accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! I had a hard time keeping my composure as many tears were shed and hearts were touched. "WOW!!!" is all I can say. What a Mighty God we serve! "SPECIAL" day indeed!

We cannot say anymore to this amazing day other than the whole team has been greatly effected by this day!



Today ends our week of ministry in El Salvador. What a great week it has been. Tonight you will hear from one of our nurses, Erin Dean, in her words and tomorrow we will end with one of our construction team members.


Our dear family, friends and pastors, You may often hear or read us making comparisons between the U.S. And El Salvador --but we can't help it. Not only are we comparing our experiences in both countries,  but the very ways of thinking and the minute details of cultural ideals gleaned from years of being citizens of our predestined countries. 
That being said, last week on my hospital unit, I was assigned to be the nurse for a patient who was unapologetically 1& 1/2 hours late for a scheduled surgery. Imagine the strain that that put on our surgeon, staff, and the people scheduled for the following surgeries that day. And here I am this week- a nurse to numerous patients that have walked upwards of 2 hours each way to receive care at the Castillo Del Rey medical stationary and travel clinics. 
I'm Sure I don't need to describe the contrast but let me just add that what touched me the most, and I'm not sure why, is how these people wear their very best clothes to see us, have their blood pressure taken, and receive their medicine. Perhaps it's because in my compassion based profession, I take it very personally that these dear ones take my work for them so seriously and that they care the best way that they know how for their own health. As a nurse, what more can I ask for?
It has truly been a blessing to our medical team to literally place our hands on the people that have themselves touched our hearts. 
Med pic 2Medical pic
The medical team was able to see 99 patients today and had 6 salvations!
Praise the Lord for what God is doing here in El Salvador!

Well, we have come to the end of our journey, and an amazing one it was. We ended our evening with a powerful farewell from the the students with a recap video of the week featuring the mission that we did, along with a dynamic human video and a foot washing ceremony. It was very moving to say the least. 
We had 26 salvations out of  the 450 patients  that were seen in the medical team. On the evangelism side, out of the well over 900 people that were ministered to, over 300 came to know the Lord! To God be the glory!!
The construction team also had a very successful week. They were able to frame, wire, and drywall several offices as well as prep all the vanities at the medical clinic for doors. 
We are so thankful for all of your prayers and support for this trip. Don and Terri Tripplet, Dr. Boris, as well as staff also send their love and appreciation to the Victory family, and especially Bishop Thomas for continuing to partner with them to complete this mission UNTIL ALL HAVE HEARD!! 
We as team leaders, also,  are so very proud of this team for their love, perseverance, and hard work throughout the week.  
Thank you again for praying for our team and supporting Victory Compassion Ministries! You are a huge part of making the gospel go throughout the earth!


Kailene and little boy blog  
Greetings from El Salvador,
Today's update is from Kailene Diaz who is from the evangelistic team:
This week I have the privilege of performing street ministry with the evangelism team and we have been able to visit 6 different villages so far. Though each village has differences, as I walk the rocky, trash filled, dirt roads of each village, I notice that one thing is the same. I see the moms and grandmas going about their days - washing clothes, preparing meals, and caring for the children, who are playing and laughing. I see the men working on cars and groups of people gathered in conversation. Although their methods and means may be different from ours in the states, I see that they are just like you and me.
Before I came, I prayed for God to give me eyes to see the people of El Salvador as He sees them and I feel that He has showed me the beauty that is in them. They belong to Him just as much as you and I do and He longs for them to open their hearts to Him. 
guys serving pizza
Also tonight, we were able bless the entire Master Commission students, staff, and leaders with a pizza party in which our men served them. This may seem so mundane, but many of these kids never even tasted pizza and they were so blessed beyond words and thankful that we thought of them! 
blessing the students with pizza
Thank you again for your continued prayer on our behalf!

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