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If you happened to be out at the Southern Park Mall last Saturday you might have seen this bright red table cloth and fun people sitting at it. Thats because Victory Compassion Ministries is blessed to be the highlighted Charity of the month at Chick-Fil-a in the Southern Park Mall in Boardman. Then Sunday night we also got to take part in Niayana's Second Sundays - Jazz In The City event!



We are so thankful to be a part of the amazing community that is Youngstown, OH and all that God is doing here. Our heart is to truly love people with the compassion of Jesus and bring them into who they are called to be in Him. God is up to something in our hometown and we can't wait to see it and be a part of it!




So, "what does being the higlighted charity of the month mean?" you ask?? Great question! :) For the next two weeks if you print off the below card you get a FREE upgrade on your fries and drink with your meal, and Victory Compassion Ministries is blessed with 15% of every card that is turned in. 




 chick fil a card


And as always - thank you so much for all of your support! Without you, we could not reach the world! 



CRI Iraq  
What is Crisis Response International? 
“In the last several years, our nation and the nations of the earth have experienced a steady rise of natural disasters, crises, and calamity on a scale never seen before. As the world spirals into uncertainty, it is time for the church to arise! There is no need to helplessly watch another disaster come and go. Now is the time to get your family and community prepared to be a place of refuge and hope. Now is the time to get trained and mobilized so you can reach the Harvest in the midst of crisis. Crisis Response International equips and mobilizes mercy missionaries and church volunteers to respond to crisis and disaster situations around the world. It is our joy to bring the hope, love and power of Jesus Christ to the darkest corners of the earth. “
(From Crisis Response International’s website.)
VCC has joined this incredible movement of people and has deployed teams all over Ohio, the U.S and around the world.  In May of 2015, our team leader of CRI, Pastor Dave Drespling actually joined a team in Kurdistan Iraq to minister to the hurting of this incredibly broken and volatile nation.  His story was actually on the front page of New Castle News. Follow the link here to read his story. 
YOU can get involved too! Whether you have prior training or no training at all, there is a place for YOU to jump in and help when the need arises. Join the CRI team of Victory Christian Center and see what it’s all about! Missions is the essence of Gods heart. To love and help the broken and hurting is exactly what Jesus did, and you can do it too!
The team will be joining a special week of training in Madison, OH from September 20th-26th. For more info, please check out the CRI website by clicking here. 
russian kids  

Victory Compassion Ministries is sending a team to Kaliningrad, Russia on July 17th-28th and we need your help! We are collecting a list of items to take for the summer camp we will be hosting with Change30, an organization that supports Russian orphans.

If you would like to get involved, please Join with us by purchasing, donating and bringing these items to the Victory Compassion Ministries booth by Sunday, July 6th 2014.

            Items Needed:

·         Yarn

·         Deflated Kickballs

·         Hand Air Pump

·         Tug of War Rope

·         Water Balloons

·         Frisbees

·         Duck Tape (Bright Colors)

·         Volleyballs

·         Volley Ball Net

·         Twister Games

·       Jump Ropes

·         Uno Card Games

·         ‘24’ Card Games

·         50 Composition Notebooks

·         Mixed Candy (No Chocolate)

·         Rubber Ducks

·         Kids Craft beads

·         Beading String for Necklaces

·         Balloon Animal Supplies

·         Beach Balls

·         Kid-Friendly Stickers

·         Kids Play Parachutes

·         Blow up kiddies’ pool

·         Bubbles

·         Mini squirt guns

·         Bible coloring books

Thank you so much for supporting us and most importantly, for your prayers! 

banner summer 2014  

It’s hard to believe its June already. Summer is quickly approaching and with it, Victory Compassion Ministries is swinging into full gear. Our theme for the spring has been all about learning what Compassion looks like in each of our lives and putting it into action. Just as VCC hosted the “Open the Doors” conference at the end of May, I really believe the Lord is opening doors to many of us in Youngstown to get involved in impacting our neighbors, city, nation and world.

Here are two ways you can begin getting involved this summer:


  1. VCC’s Monthly food pantry – the next one is June 14th 2014. Click HERE to get involved.
  2. Coming soon! The Missions Marketplace summer sale out of our storage location at Ohio Valley Teen Challenge, more details to come.

Prayer Focus.
At VCC we love sending teams out to other nations to serve. On almost a weekly basis at one of our eight campus’ we are praying over teams and individuals who are being sent out to answer the great commission in the dark places of the World.


 In July we will be sending a team to Kalingrad, Russia to minister with an organization called Change30. Statistics provide that a Russian Orphan’s life expectancy is 30 years of age. When an orphan exits the orphanage system, at the age of 16 years old, they are middle aged for their demographic. We believe we can change this simple yet powerfully appalling statistic.  The vision for Change30 is the restoration and renewal of thousands of “unwanted and abandoned” Russian Orphans. To provide these children with opportunities to discover their God-given talents, strengths and potential – achieving and discovering all that God has for them.  

change 30

We are so excited to send a team to lift up the arms of the incredible leaders of Change30 and impact the lives of so many young people FULL of potential in Jesus. Would you commit to praying for our team as they go?



Prayer points:

- Safety as the team travels.

- Favor entering the country and with any governmental situations they may be in



- Kingdom connections and divine appointments with the students and leaders of Change30 and that many lives will be changed to the saving knowledge of Jesus!





For more information on Change30 visit their website by clicking HERE. 

  compassion does pt.2

Compassion Does Something: Part Two


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8 (NLT)


I remember as a young girl memorizing this verse in Wednesday night Missionettes class and it stuck with me ever since. As a child, being a missionary was one of the furthest things from my mind, but even then I remember beginning to feel the stirring of wanting to change the world. I was a home body, I didn’t want to leave my family and let’s not even talk about how picky of an eater I was. :)


My heart for missions began with my own hometown. I have always loved Youngstown, Ohio. While many people (sadly) speak badly about it (especially when it comes to the weather, the economy and the crime rate to name a few.) I am thankful that at Victory Christian Center our Pastoral leadership- Pastor David and Pastor Kathie Thomas, have always taught us to love on and cry out for Youngtown. The very DNA of VCC is to see revival and change here. It was never about growing up and getting out of Youngstown. Actually, I remember the first time someone began to speak about missions to me I told my Parents “I don’t want to leave Youngstown, I love it here!”


youngstown-skyline 1


The Youngstown Skyline


I’m so thankful that from a young age God made this scripture a pivotal focus for my life. I love that when Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the world, He started with their own hometowns first and then expanded out into the unreached and dark places of the world. As Pastor David Thomas says “It’s not either or, it’s both and!”


For many, going overseas isn’t possible – but there is still a world to reach right here in front of us in Youngstown, the state of Ohio and America! So how can you get involved with fulfilling the great commission in the world around you?


Over the month of May and throughout the summer I want to specifically highlight and promote opportunities for YOU to get involved. You don’t have to be a missionary to preach and live the gospel; you just have to be willing.


Also, if you have ideas or opportunities to share please feel free to contact us on our facebook page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Compassion Does Somethin pt one header


Have you ever just sat and stared at a map? Completely overwhelmed by the vastness of the world God has created? Or flown in a plane and glanced down at how small a seemingly large world becomes? The contrasts of God in our everyday life are staggering.


It is easy to look at the world around us and wonder how we can make a difference. There is so much to be done, so many needs to be met, so many hurting people in need of love and care. How can we, who feel so small and insignificant, change the world around us?


It starts with one. One seemingly small act of kindness, one small act of love and one moment of being the answer to a hurting world can begin to change all the impossible situations around us. How? By stepping out, being willing and being obedient to answer the need that is in front of you. Obedience is sometimes the hardest step to take but when we do, God meets us right where we are and empowers us to impact.


VCC’s monthly food pantry is a great example of compassion doing something. Every 2nd Saturday of the month at our VCC office building, people from all over the area who are struggling and in need come to receive a box of food and hope. For many, this is what gets them through the month. For others it is a blessing that helps them keep going and ultimately, it is a shining light of a helping hand and the providence of Jesus.


On March 8th, 2014 Victory Christian Center hosted our monthly food pantry with the help of about twenty five volunteers. We served over 120 needy families in our community. Whether it was helping people carry their boxes and load their car, or a simple hug and prayer. Our volunteers are the hands and feet of Jesus to all that they come in contact with.


You see, showing the love of Jesus doesn’t always have to be an extravagant sacrifice. Sometimes, it’s just a gentle helping hand or encouraging word. Compassion does something… Are you doing it?

 food pantry boy

(One of our younger volunteers. All ages are welcome!)


If you and your family would like to sign up to help with our next food pantry on April 13th and serve our community, please contact our Victory Christian Center office @ 330-536-2127 or click HERE.

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