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This past Saturday Operation Impact at Coitsville joined in with Now YoungstownYoungstown City Schools and the CIRV initiative at the Covelli Center in Downtown Youngstown, to give away over 2000 backpacks filled with school supplies to the kids and families of our city. It was an an amazing day! The sun was shining and everyone was so excited to bless our community.
We had over 25 Victory volunteers alone who came out to serve in different areas including, the carnival games for the kids, the prayer tent, food line, bounce houses, giving away the backpacks and serving people as they waited in line. They truly represented Victory well and served with ALL their hearts!
At one point I walked around the parking lot and literally could see Victory people serving everywhere! It blessed my heart so much to see our people come out and not only serve, but truly love on our city. (In two of the pictures you can see our very own Brenda Allen and Pastor Rita praying with families.)
I don't have a count yet from Pastor Al Yanno on how many people we ministered to that day, but there was lots of excited kids with their new backpacks filled with supplies and ready to go back to school this year.  
Thank you Bishop Thomas, Pastor Kathie and all of leadership for sending us out to serve and represent Jesus and Victory Christian Center well! 
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Our El Salvador Summer Team has arrived safely home! We are so proud of them and stand in awe of all that God used them to do. We know that each team member, as well as the nation of El Salvador, will never be the same! 


Below are the day 6 and day 7 updates.


Day 6 (Maria Cercone)

Our sixth day of ministry was another great day! God continues to surprise us and bless us as we are out serving Him.
In the morning we went to a place at the side of a community at the foot of a mountain. We had time for games and playing with the children before our program. At the time of ministry one of our great master's students spoke out to the community that it is only through Jesus at we can find freedom!


Following lunch we as a team treated the wonderful students that have been working so hard with us to ice cream! :)

When we went back on the streets to continue ministering we met an elderly gentleman named Fransisco. He came toward us with alcohol on his breath and asked for prayer for a crushed hand. We surrounded him and began sharing God's love with him. Before we prayed for his hand he sank down to the ground on his knees telling us how much he needed Jesus' help and that he wanted to reconcile his life with God. We prayed with him for salvation and then for the healing of his hand. Before he left we made sure to send SeƱor Fransisco with pockets full of candy and food.

When we returned to the camp we had the opportunity to go to the Prayer Fortress! We made the hike up the mountain and finished our day in the Palace worshipping Jesus and interceding for El Salvador. We have our final day of ministry ahead of us.
Please lease keep us in your prayers, that God would give us the physical strength and endurance to complete our mission holding nothing back and giving His love away to all who will receive it!!



Day 7 (SheLyse Morgan)

Today was our final day of ministry here at King's Castle. I must say today was an extreme honor. To be able to minister to the children has been such a blessing. We are winning souls for heaven and all the angels are celebrating. It's simply amazing to be on this strong team. The team strength is just awesome. It doesn't matter how many children are at each program, we give our all each time!



Although today was our last day and we are all sad to go, we just thank God for the opportunities we were given to bless him. The children always have a blast when we play with them. Even if there is a language barrier they aren't shy and they love to ask questions. It's a joy to be able to witness the eagerness that these children have to hear about God and how good he is and can be in their lives. Many of the children who came to the programs today were saved and we thank God for that.



We will continue to pray for a restoration over this country. We pray that they will fall in love with God and spread that love to everyone they come into contact with. These children are the generation that can change everything here in El Salvador. The cloud that is hovering over this place will come down and God will REIGN over it all! What an incredible few days we have had here in El Salvador with King's Castle!



DAY 5  
Day 5
Another incredible day of ministry and evangelism both in the streets and in the homes of the beautiful people of El Salvador!!

It's just like God that we would come to El Salvador to minister to others, but that God would minister to us as well!! I got on the bus this morning as we headed to our first neighborhood with such a heaviness and weariness in my heart. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was an orphan, stuck on the outside of a house when I should be inside dining with and enjoying all the things from my Heavenly Father. As I put my earphones in and started to listen, I began silently weeping over my broken heart and my desire to have more of Jesus and to walk freely and fully in Him!

Needless to say, God did something in me during those precious, raw moments alone with Him on a bus full of people. I have struggled with fear for a long time, but when I stepped off that bus, my fears did not come with me!! Rather, God replaced those fears with peace and real joy for what we were about to do! And oh, was it incredible!!

Every person on this team, both from the United States and El Salvador, is functioning so beautifully and fully in his/her gifts, and my what a sight it is to see!! The compassion that the Master's Commission students from El Salvador carry when they minister is unlike anything I have ever seen!! I watch them in amazement and with such respect and such desire to be like them! And my fellow team members from Victory...WOW!! Danielle prayed with a man today who has had problems with his spine, and he was healed!! Right then and there!! Then she asked to pray for his wife because God dropped in her spirit that someone in the house was suffering from headaches...and his wife was! And we are believing that she, too, received a healing from God today!!

And I could go on and on and on with stories just from today!! God is faithful! He knows what is in our hearts. And even though I came here to serve and to minister to others, God saw my need and He answered so that I was able to do the work He set before me!!

Looking forward to walking in His peace and freedom as our team continues to share the overwhelming, ever-faithful, and unconditional love of Jesus!

Love from El Salvador,
Kaitlyn Fabian
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And just like that.. Our Romania Team returns from the field and our El Salvador Team hits the ground running!


This team is represented by 4 of our 8 VCC Campuses including - Boardman, Liberty, Coitsville and New Wilmington and is led by the amazing Maria Cercone. They are an evangelism team out in the streets of San Salvador, El Salvador, loving on the kids and families of this beautiful nation and working with Kings Castle, whom we sent a team to serve with back in february. 


On day one they traveled there, day two they did team training to learn all the dances and drama's they would be performing on the streets. Day 3 and Day 4 updates are below.


Please continue to pray for them as they minister and share the love of Jesus. 



By: Maria Cercone


There are few things I enjoy more than the love of family!! With that said let me say that this morning we went to the main King's Castle church called The Tent of Miracles. Pastor Mario spoke about the importance of guarding our hearts. For me personally it was such a lovely time because I was able to see many of my former Last Harvest classmates, friends, and El Salvador 'family'!!!

In the afternoon we did our first program under powerful sunshine and heat in the middle of a street in Nejapa. Later we did another evening service held at a house church. Pastor Andrew and Josh Rouse lead the worship time, Nancy Kisling shared her testimony, and Nicole Bone preached the Word!
A woman in attendance had been going through a very difficult time and Danielle Phillips felt God put on her heart to tell this woman that, He would heal the wounds of her heart. The woman began to cry when she heard these word. Through Danielle's obedience to Holy Spirit Francesca, the woman truly felt a touch of love from God and the beginning of a great breakthrough.

When we returned to camp for our dinner we surprised Jason Walters with a cake and celebrated his birthday!!!! Following cake we rallied around him and the guys threw him into the pool!!! :)

What a great day and time we are having!!

Tomorrow we will hit the streets bright and early!! Keep the prayers coming!! God is good and we will declare His Love to this nation of El Salvador!!!!!




By: Laura Misotvich

Monday's over and what a day it was! Words cannot begin to describe how miraculous our time here in El Salvador has been!!!

Just as Maria had said that we would in her last post, we hit the streets bright and early this morning (but not until after we sat down for breakfast and kicked around the "football" with some of the most incredible disciples of God I've ever met--the staff and masters commissioners here at King's Castle, who serve with such humble hearts and warm smiles).

We went out to evangelize in a very impoverished city--a city of much unrest, with a lot of broken families and a lot of gang violence.  As we walked the streets, families welcomed us into their homes to pray for peace, health, safety and for breaking the chains of poverty.  At least one woman accepted Jesus into her heart for the first time.

It was incredible that even though there was a bit of a language barrier (for some of us), we were able to connect with people and families on such a deep level. There was so much compassion and so much love that you could just feel it. It was like we were able to communicate without the words. In fact, we even forget sometimes that some of the masters commissioners don't speak English because we've been able to communicate and form bonds with them already!

After evangelizing, we preformed our first program of the day.  Children and their parents gathered around to play, watch shows and most importantly  hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

During lunch, we continued to strengthen our bonds with team members with words of encouragement for one another.

Then it was back out to the streets for more evangelizing. God gave team members just the right messages and words to speak. Some of the nationals were so moved that they were in tears. Some took us into their homes and introduced us to their families for prayer. One woman, who was initially leery of us, got to her knees praying while we were ministering to her, and so we all got to our knees in such a powerful prayer session. Later on we were so overjoyed when she came with her 9-year-old son to check out our program. The Holy Spirit was just flooding the atmosphere in so many homes.

After that, we preformed our second program of the day.  Many of the nationals whom we'd reached out had come to see it. Even some gang members who were interested in hearing about Jesus came to the show.  nationals were so warm and accepting, and they had such smiles of gratitude. God moved in the streets of El Salvador and so much glory and honor and praise was given to Him!

During worship that night, the Holy Spirit was thick in the air. We just poured out our prayers for the people of El Salvador. I even spoke tongues for the first time!

Afterward, we fellowshipped. I got to hear some incredible testimonies about what God has done in my friends' lives.

It's been such an incredible and powerful experience. I never want to leave!

Love you all!


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Here are the final updates from our Romania Team! They are home safely now back in the States but we wanted you to be able to read the testimonies of all that God did while they were there. Below is the updates for Thursday and Friday. 


Thank you SO much for supporting and praying for them. God did amazing things on this trip that we know will echo into eternity. 

Hello family back home! It's Thursday night here in beautiful Romania! Tomorrow is our last ministry day. It's hard to believe! This week went so fast! The whole team got to go to the baby hospital this evening. The work that Livada and the volunteers do makes such a difference everywhere, but for me, I notice it the most at the hospital. Watching the kids and babies interact is completely opposite of what I saw on my first trip there a few years back. It just melts my heart now instead of breaking it. These babies are given a second chance at life, and it is so evident. They laugh and play and even have cute little attitudes ;) just sharing the love of Jesus makes a huge difference!
Cecilia has more to add ....  :)

Today was another great day with these beautiful babies. It's so sweet to be able to get to know what makes them happy, what makes them sad and even what makes them frustrated. With a background in child development I've studied so much of what I am seeing at the baby hospital each day. But today I realized that what I wasn't taught in the many hours of undergraduate courses was the love that Jesus really has for the orphans. All the work that Livada has done for these precious ones is breathtaking to watch. As an advocate for the sweet little a ones who have won my heart, I want to encourage those who have been praying to keep praying. They need love, affection, and most of all Jesus. Their families need Jesus. The world needs Jesus. It's safe to say today was the best day so far and each day gets better and better. Tomorrow will be very difficult as we say "see ya later" but now we all have little smiles and voices that will follow us forever.
Well, our week of ministry has come to an end. Its always sad when this day comes, and it always comes so fast! Brady, Cecilia, and Katelyn ended their week with the babies. I think sometimes that team is hit harder than the rest because the babies come and go, so you don't always know if you will see them again. you fall completely in love with those little ones. They did amazing there this week! I was able to spend the day there on Wednesday and just watched the love pour out of them for these tiny children of God. 
Tim stayed back with Danny from Livada to finish up the odds and ends on the construction side. Yesterday we were able to take donation money to the store and purchase larger items Livada was needing and bless them with it. So Tim and Danny also put together 2 desks for the older kids at Casa Juliana as well as 2 rocking chairs for the hospital.  Along with this we were also able to purchase a pool for the Juliana kids, a vacuum for the LOC house, and a water filtration unit for the Renee/Juliana house so they don't have to bring water bottles in daily! What a blessing!! Thank you Victory family for helping make all of that happen!!!
The rest of us went to camp. Today's camp was a little different. We took the kids out to a camp in the mountains where we did zip lining, rock climbing, and other games. The kids had a blast! We then walked up a huge mountain to a tiny church where we had our team prayer and blessing time. We prayed over each child one by one. This always touches my heart. Even though we dont use translators during this time the kids just kind of "get it" and lean in to your arms. It is such a special moment. God has big plans for these beautiful kids!! 
Tomorrow is our tourist day and then we head home! It's just crazy how fast it goes by! Thank you all so much for your prayers, love, and support! 
We love you all and will see you soon!!! 
Romania team weds  

Below is another team update from our team leader Charity and team member Cecilia. God is doing AMAZING things in Romania! 


Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well! We just got home from hanging out with the LOC kids again. We had a campfire and Geza played us some worship music on his guitar! He is extremely talented! We will have a chance to go back and hang out with them some more Saturday night. :) 

Tonight Cecilia wanted to share a bit. This is her first trip! 

Romania has been so amazing. I have always loved babies. Everyone knows that about me. But what I didn't know about myself is that I could fall in love so fast with a baby that I had just laid my eyes on. Literally at first glance my heart melted all over the floor! Loving on the babies at the hospital is a feeling I've never experienced before. I have no children of my own yet but God totally gave me the ability to love the babies just like a mama. I have given about a million and one kisses, baby oil massages to tiny toes, and watched the most precious eyes gently doze off in my arms. As we head back to 'Casa de Rene' each night my heart swells with replays of giggles and smiles. This trip has changed me in a way that I can't yet describe but I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be God's hands and feet in Romania. 


Iubim (love),


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